Used Machines

Milling Machines

Ibramia 2VL 2000

Travels 2000mm x 600mm x 600mm
Heidenhein Control

Fanuc Robodrill T10B

Travels 500mm x 380mm x 300mm
Fanuc 16M Control

Also available with a 4th Axis and 4th/5th Axis

Leadwell V40

Travels 1000mm x 500mm x 500mm

Leadwell VMC25

Travels 650mm x 410mm x 410mm

Victor Machining Centre

800 x 500mm travel

Twin Arm tool changer

Fanuc Control

Fanuc Stama MC 010 Fanuc Center

Travels X - 500mm and Y - 380mm

Supermax YCM-V56A Fanuc

Travels 560mm x 410mm x 450mm x 10 000 RPM

Correa Universal Mill

Table Size 1400mm x 340mm

Huron Type Universal Head

TOS Universal Mill FGS 25/32

Table Size 1000 x 3200mm

Travel 720 x 360 x 420mm

Huron Type Head with accessories

Hartford CNC Mill with Fanuc control

Table size 1000mm x 330mm


Leadwell T6 2 Axis CNC Lathe

Daewoo Puma 230 MSA

With sub spindle and milling
Swing over bed - 550mm
Turning Length - 500mm
Spindle Bore - Main Spindle 66mm
Spindle Bore - Sub Spindle 45mm
Fanuc 18 iT Control

Fastcut FC1540 CNC Lathe with a polygon ATT

Monforts RNC 5

Max Turning Length - 1000mm
12 Station Turret
Fanuc Control

Quicktech GT3-60

3 Axis CNC Production lathe
Spindle Bore - 60mm

Fabrication Machinery


Cutting Area: 3000 x 1500mm.

Kilowatts: 3 KW

250Ton x 4200mm Hydraulic Press Brake

63Ton x 2500mm Hydraulic Press Brake

8mm x 3200mm Guilotine

12mm x 3200mm Guilotine

JFY VT300 Hydraulic Punching Machine

60 Ton Sunrise Hydraulic Ironworker

Cosen Auto Bandsaw

(250mm) Roller Feeds

Maximart V35 Spark Eroder

Table Size 700mm x 350mm

Travels 400mm x 300mm, Z-Axis 200+250mm

Max Workpiece weight 600kgs

60 Amp Machine

Loznado Surface Grinder

350mm x 150mm

Ingar Surface Grinder

(500mm x 200mm) 2 Feeds

Jens Heinsohn BFT 80/2 Boring Mill

Completely refurbished and in excellent condition. Includes outriggers and tail stock.

15 Ton Die Splitter

Splitter has been refurbished

Hedin Lagan from Sweden

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