Our Methodology

Behind the supply of tools lies a complex system which must ensure high levels of process reliability. Having the right tool available in the right place at the right time is an absolute requirement for uninterrupted production. A well-managed tool management system can also lead to a considerable reduction in procurement and warehousing costs. Magnum Precision Tools plan and manage tool supply for a wide range of companies and industries. These include large industrial plants, as well as medium-sized and smaller enterprises.

Customised offerings

Cost control

Potential efficiency utilised to the full

Reduction of working capital

Services from a single source

 High-level advice from Magnum Precision Tools

Total number of tools reduced – Up to 20%

 Overall tool consumption – Up to 15%

 Better machine utilisation – 5% average

Tool Effeciency

Precision tools are a vital part of industrial manufacturing – production plants would simply not function efficiently without them. What does this mean in real terms though? At Magnum Precision Tools we take a good hard look at the entire process for every project – from the machining strategy all the way down to the selection of suitable tools. This allows us to offer solutions that have a real, measurable effect on the performance of your operation.

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