Used Machines

General Engineering

TOS Universal Mill FGS 25/32

Table size 1000mm x 3200mm

Travel 720 x 360 x 420mm

Huron Type Head with accessories

Fabrication Machinery

Pipe Bender

63Ø Capacity

2 Axis (Bending Angle & Plane of Bend )

Distance Between bends Set With Steps On The Saddle

Pipe Bender

63Ø Capacity

Full CNC

Tube Laser


200mm x 6000mm

JFY CNC Press Brake

150 Ton x 4000mm

Delem Control

4 Axis + CNC Crowning

Hydraulic Press Brake

250 Ton x 4200mm

Hydraulic Press Brake

63 Ton x 2500mm

Hydraulic Press Brake

80 Ton x 3200mm


8mm x 3200mm Guilotine


12mm x 3200mm

Hydraulic Punching Machine

8mm x 3200mm Guilotine

Sunrise Hydraulic Ironworker

JFY Surface Grinder

Grinding Size: 600mm x 300mm

With Auto Downfeed

Ingar Surface Grinder

500mm x 200m

2 Feeds

15 Ton Die Splitter


Hedin Lagan Splitter- From Sweden

WMW BFT 80/2 Boring Mill

Completely Refurbished 

Includes Outriggers and tail stock

In Excellent Condition

Dahlih MCA 500 Horizontal Machining centre

Fanuc control

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