Baykal Tandem Pressbrakes - 880 Tons x 8200 m .
Full CNC with special tooling. Installed at a Truck Body
manufacturer using Dormex steel.
Successfully completed in 2008.

Baykal CNC Pressbrake 600 Ton x 6000 m with special
tooling. Installed at Transnet - Durban.
Successfully completed in 2015.

Injection Moulders

1280 Ton Wellish Injection moulder was sold & installed in 2015 ,
the customer runs the machine 24 hours x 6 days a week,
full Servo energy saving.
Our customer is EXTREAMLY HAPPY with the machine. We installed a 1080 Ton Machine in 2018 &
680 Ton Machine in 2019 with full Servo energy saving.

Full Turn Key project was done in 2018.
A 780 TonInjection Moulder with the mould and robotics
for offloading onto a conveyor system It is the customers first
project of this size.
Our customer is very happy with our service and the machine. This customer later ordered his second
780 Ton Machine with mould and robot off loading onto conveyor.
Both Machines are Full Servo Energy saving machines.

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