Plastic Machinery

Plastic Machinery

Plastic Injection Moulding

90-3000 ton injection moulders

We specialise in full turn key projects

Suppliers of machines - product moulds - fully automated lines - including robotics, conveyors, labelling etc.

Suppliers of Two-platen Injection moulders ,toggleless system to accommodate larger moulds and products.

Suppliers of thin wall moulding machines with IN MOULD LABELLING systems

Pelletzing & Compounding Lines

Under Water Pelletizing Line

Die Face Pelletizing Line


We can supply

-Single screw extruders

-Double screw extruders

-PVC pipe extruders

-PVC roof tile extruders

-Double wall corrugated pipe extruders

-Wood plastic profile extruders

-Sheet extruder lines

-Strap extruder lines

-Fiber production lines

Blow Moulding Machines

We specialised in blow moulding machinery

from 500ml water bottles to 20l gallon drum

we are able to supply moulds as per your requirement

Full turn key projects available

Plastic Recycling

We can supply complete plastic Recycling lines.

- pre washers

- floating washers

- high speed friction washers

- dryers

- bottle label removal

- crushers

- Label separator


We can supply a large range of Granulators

Hopper Dryers & Loaders

Plastic Mixers

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